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3.5.10. PayPass

MasterCard PayPass is an EMV compatible, "contactless" payment feature based on the ISO/IEC 14443 standard that provides cardholders with a simpler way to pay by tapping a payment card or other payment device, such as a phone or key fob, on a point-of-sale terminal reader rather than swiping or inserting a card.

In 2003, MasterCard concluded a nine-month PayPass market trial in Orlando, Florida, with JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, and MBNA. More than 16,000 cardholders and more than 60 retailer locations participated in the market trial. In addition, MasterCard worked with Nokia, AT&T Wireless, and JPMorgan Chase to incorporate MasterCard PayPass into mobile phones using Near Field Communication technology, in Dallas, Texas.

In 2005, MasterCard began to roll out PayPass in certain markets. As of September 2008, the following financial institutions have issued the MasterCard PayPass:

1. Bank of America
2. JP Morgan Chase (available through its "blink" contactless feature in the United States)
3. Citibank (both MasterCard credit and debit cards)
4. HSBC Bank USA (debit card only)
5. Washington Mutual (WaMu Debit MasterCard with PayPass) "Gold & Platinum Debit Cards"
6. Key Bank (debit card only)
7. Citizens Bank and Charter One Bank (both MasterCard credit and debit cards)
8. Commonwealth Bank (Australia)
9. Garanti Bank (Turkey, available through its Bonus Trink Card)
10. Banco de Oro Universal Bank (Philippines, available through its BDO International ATM Card)
11. Bank of Montreal (Canada, available on most Mosaik cards issued after November 1, 2007)
12. President's Choice Financial (Canada)
13. CIMB Bank (Malaysia)
14. Bank Zachodni WBK SA (Poland)
15. Deutsche Kreditbank AG (Germany, issuer of Lufthansa Miles & More credit cards)
16. Natwest (United Kingdom), on Maestro cards; limited use in the London Docklands and City of London)
17. HSBC (United Kingdom), on credit cards; limited use in selected areas of London
18. Canadian Tire Options Mastercard (Canada)
19. Capital One (Canada)
20. Barclaycard (UK)
21. Shinhan Bank (South Korea)

A U.S. issued HSBC Debit MasterCard with PayPass can be used in the U.K.



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